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Living Legacy Recordings

Our service specializes in conducting personal interviews with your family members, wherever they may be. We facilitate these valuable conversations either online or in-person, ensuring that no matter the distance, every story has the opportunity to be told. The captured moments from these interviews come together to form a rich tapestry of your family's history, a tangible memoir that traces the legacies, milestones, and unique experiences that shape your lineage. 

After these interviews are completed, our skilled editors step in, transforming the raw footage into polished, captioned videos. These videos then become enduring keepsakes, able to be watched and shared for generations. Each video is meticulously organized and prepared for your personal archives, making it a convenient treasure for family members to access, cherish, and pass on. Our service is not just about capturing history, but about giving your family's unique narrative a platform to be heard, understood, and appreciated.

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